Monday, October 11, 2010


thinking about seminole....particularly this one person who seemed like someone who was angry about everything around him or what he'd gone through...i don't know which, but there'd be these comments that made me feel that i fell in the category of his hated much, and then there'd be these moments that seemed like we were on the same page...i realized that when we seemed to bond was when i also was wrapped up in the misery of either the moment or the thought of when something tragic had occurred to me....

just now i read something that relates and makes sense but hopefully isn't too much of a stretch or contrived...."things outside himself he found banal and not worth his result of democracy was a concentration of each man's attention upon himself..."

for some people it's never really good enough and it's okay....this is something i know, but it's magnified when you're on the road and that's the thought process you get to be surrounded by for what seems like an endless amount of time


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