Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dumas tx to taos nm

got to dumas tx (north-west of amarillo) on monday night...stayed thru this morning, had to wait for a package with my new camera and other cool stuff from looper...lounged all day in the room and reorganized my crap...keep expperimenting with random local type food places, hit or miss...a burger joint in town was more hit than miss...met a guy named george (skelly) here at the motel...he's riding a 1994 harley fxr (i think that's right)...really cool guy in his 60s...rode from massachusetts to dumas heading into colorado (just south of denver)...he's taking the harley to a friend who's never had the chance to buy a bike due to the needs of his family...skelly just got a new harley (road king?) in mass...skelly's self-appointed nickname refers to skeletor from's appropriate because unfortunately skelly has lost lots of weight due to lung cancer...he's terminal and has decided to live the hell out of his last days...hence the new bike and the passing on the old to an old friend...he and talked quite a bit about life and such...heard about his family and he mine...skelly had the most positive outlook for facing down death...some people drop into a depression and sort of give up you know?  he can barely hold up his harley and he's out there giving em hell...i hope to have the same courage...nice to meet you skelly

if you want to contact him or hear of his story from him...

george "skelly" larkin

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