Monday, October 11, 2010


last night, after thegood/bad day, i had to leave the road early due to a major thunderstorm that had golfball-sized hail and lightening...i got maybe 190 miles from o.k. city...and today the same to dumas, tx...because this is the only place on my route to the national parks where i could find a fedex place...

today was schizo windy...mainly w/nw but then random gusts from other directions would happen.  laru did an average of 40 mph today...some places going downhill i was slowed down to 48 mph by the extreme winds...checked the news just now and apparently there were 30-40 mph gusts and a steady 15-20 mph head wind...i think i'm going sdtraight into the wind from here on out more or less...something i kind of counted on, but again didn't allot enough time for it....minutes are like gold out here...expecting to be on the cali coast by sat/sun....

today's ride was probably the sketchiest...i was moved all over the road and had to pay atttention with a death grip at all can't fight it, but you have to be aware when deciding how to countersteer...the hack came off the ground a few times...goggles covered in bug shit and lots of roadkill (fucking nasty skunks, 'dilla, deer, etc...)

so after what was visually pretty boring terrain, although i can feel the rockies coming, but not a boring day...i'm catching up on this and will try to do better wioth the blog...since chris left and i got my dad's ashes (plus what would have been his recent birthday) i've just kind of been "fuck it" you know?  but i'm coming back around and am planning on doing it again in spring, but in reverse....i have a nice coffe-table book idea, i could be more...but now that i know i and laru can do it, it'll happen again....i've learned some lessons and will be that much more ready to anticipate some of the roadblocks that have confronted me thus far...

showered, laundered, blogged, drunked...and ready to take on the gnarly desert and mountains the next few days...i love you family and friends

i'll try and get some pics up soon


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