Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're late....

not late for the trip but for the posting of what in the hell is going on.  I'm JLEEP(photographer/writer) and he's WISE(writer/photographer)...we drank and came up with the idea to pursue his(WISE) Master's Degree...he has a B.A. in History, specializing in the Civil War....he's been attending UNLV for 4 years and working on his Master's in Civil War History....So I started talking a little trash about the procrastination in his pursuit, and we came up with the idea to follow General Wise's path during his time in the War.  To get there we are using a 2010 Ural Gear-Up I was able to pick up, unfortunately because my father passed away in January.

So now the trip has become the destination (to beat a dead cliche, but true) and we're going to take the Blue Highways around the U.S.  The exact route is in place and has already changed.  This first post is at 10:00 pm on our 2nd night into it.  I'm too tired to explain any further, and it's probably better to let the next couple of video posts explain (that also has to be figured out).  I hope you guys find it interesting to follow 2 guys that don't know what they're doing travelling across the country and back with multiple ideas and no exact plan.....except for mileage (250-350 a day)

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  1. Keep it up guys - looking forward to more dispatches from the field...and videos, too!