Wednesday, September 22, 2010

days 13 and such

alright, first of all i realize i have a bad speedball addiction...not an illegal one but it's coffee first thing in the morning with a 5 hour energy or 2...this gets me psyched to drive yet again for another 200 or 300 miles...this usually works to my benefit, depending on the "countryside" we're going through...sometimes, all wound up doesn't help because just maybe (now this hardly happens...) a really bad driver or bad weather kicks off the day, which unfortunately will affect me deeply until the stimulants wear off...then things can turn around when the next 5 hour energy kicks in...this routine usually takes up about 8-10 hours a day...out by 8:30 or 9 and finished by 5-6:30...this is the other part of the speedball equation comes in...after fighting an 1100 lb monster all day nothing tastes better than a beer, shot or whatever!!!  i know this isn't the healthiest and the food isn't the at all adequate but i do take my daily centrum multivitamin (doesn't that make up for it)...also occasionally i manage to stretch before i take off....right now my tricep on my right arm is huge and my bicep on my left arm is huge...obviously a massive alignment issue where the beast (ms. laru) is pulling massively to the right, hence the rear tire issue (by the way it's time for another) issue that we hope to correct tomorrow morning when we arrive in D.C.

so we made it through the canadian border form port huron...thanks again to the care packages, and after about 30 min or so the ladies and gentlemen at the canadian border...i think i have on video at the border entry kiosk (after explaining how we knew each other and what we're doing trying to get into canada) "please pull to the right and you'll recieve the full canadian treatment" big deal, we're not riding dirty but it was a little nerve racking with the same questions over and over again...after "do you have anything to declare" or "anything we should know about" i stated that "we had the usual camping equipment...but we did have a hatchet, and a machete, but it's only a 12 incher"...this lead us to the full canadian package by the way...i don't know if it was that or the fact that we're a spectacle in the first place...

we staid in a cheap motel (yes, another motel, but it was actually cheaper than staying in a campsite with the purchase of wood by 10 or so u.s. dollars) because one way or the other i was going to catch the seahawks soon as we turned on the television the seahawks began to lose...and it only got worse

more tomorrow


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  1. Did you have to ditch the sketchy looking vile of caffeine powder I gave you? That would be a tough one to talk your way out of ;)