Saturday, September 18, 2010

port huron, MI

we're here in port huron, mi.  we got here around 12:30pm and picked up an awesome package from jen and sharon...more 5 hour energy (which we're now highly addicted to), jen provided a yerbe mate version that works well, rad drwings from my 6 and 2 yr old, jonas(big j) and julien respectively...also socks & boston baked beans for wise...we're leaving for niagra falls 9ish tomorrow morning...we'll stay around there at a campsite on the canadian side (i guess the view is better from there)...the bike has a little too much oil in it (my bad) and i "leaned it out" about 5 turns on each arm( alot)...doing a full tune-up at big josh's house in wilmington, NC...brakes, lube, to bed, willpost photos from the last 2 days (not many)....raining


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