Monday, September 27, 2010

sat morning

on our way out to n.c. we wanted to check out robert e. lee's house for wise...we rolled up and found out there was some kind of wine tasting deal, but asked the parking dude if we could not pay and just take a couple photos real quick...he gave us the go ahead and we pulled around to the house where a bunch of wealthy southern patrons were going in for the wine...chris unloaded with camera in tow and made it up 2 stairs before a couple of "fancy" people asked him to pay the $10 to enter...he explained we just wanted a couple photos and would be out in a few minutes...they refused and we had to leave (our first taste of southern hospitality) we had the $10 but we weren't going to drink and at it became a matter of principle...that really left a bad taste in my mouth for about 50 miles and i finally let it go...we blasted to the outer banks and finally got our first jolly rogers flag, a couple postcards and water...lots of water...damn hot.  we were going to stay in kill devil's hill, but it was a little busy, and i felt like riding another 60 miles or so to a nice little campsite in hatteras....we stayed next to a pond that was the home to a billion turtles, cooked more dogs (no fire ban), charged everything, fixed the flags, drank some beer and went to bed to read...

we left early on sun morning to get to the 1st of 2 ferries that would getr us back to the mainland...a little bummed we didn't have the time to check out kittyhawk..but we had to make time and the timing was off...the first ferrry was right on and right off...we rode for 12 miles to the next ferry where we would have to wait about 4 hours for the 3:30- ferry...the 12:30 was booked...they take reservations for the small $10 2 hour ferry ride to cedar island, and we didn't know as we were heading to the long wait for our reserved 3:30 ferry we were discussing how late we were going to get into wilmington, n.c. where we would stay with mutual friends josh (moped rescuer: and mellisa's ( )house...we thought maybe we would pay someone to let us on in their place for the 12:30.  so without the details so no one gets into trouble we slid a fifty to get on....all of the big storms that should've hit us the day before had not shown up...but about 8 miles away from their house we could actually see the low pressure and high pressure meet and form a stormy rain that would not stop (even now, the next night)... it's dropped about 10 inches so far and roads are closed due to flooding here in wilmington, n.c.  we've been delayed a day because of this, and decided to organize, catch up blog, photos, wash ourselves and clothes,'s a nice unexpected break (lazy t.v....moday night football) but dissapointing because i may now not be able to make it to daytona bch., florida to see my mom, uncle and family...not just because of time but the next 4 days say thunderstorms and we just can't take that time....i'm really bummed out... love you mom...take care of yourself uncle rich...and give my mom a hug for me john

tomorrow we hope to leave around 12:00 (i have to take care of bank issues) and head to augusta, georgia, about 275 miles...we'll be going through the middle of south carolina...

about to have dinner and then work on more photos...

oh yeah...the earlier i needed to go to a bank that's a shared branch with mine in seattle...i caught a, what should've been an $8, cab...after "getting lost" and driving through 3 foot deep flood waters, the cab dropped me off at the bank...i go up to the doors and it's locked..the tellers inside point at the rising waters and say there closed from behind the counter...(i had just called there and no one explained those plans, even though the weather hadn't changed in 12 hours...and why the hell couldn't you have given me the courtesy of at least coming to the door and telling me this to my drenched self?)  after calling cabs and being told it would be a couple hours i then proceeded to walk the 2 1/2 miles back to the house....i was pissed, but decided to embrace the wetness and had a beer and a shot at every place i could as walked back...oh yeah and i got to see the entrance to unc campus...woo weee


  1. beer and a shot, two great tastes that taste great together

  2. can't get into bob. e. lee's 'cause o some pansies drinkin wine? the north has truly prevailed.