Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sitting outside Glacier Park

We made it to West Glacier Park last night....and tried tro get a campsite in the park, but all were full or closed for the winter or on the other side of the park.  We decided to grab an room at the only vacant motel within 20 miles...back the other way on HWY 2 but a nice spot.  All of the lodging is a minimum $100 a night, but we got a nice room w/ a kitchenette.  We're staying until tomorrow early morning.  We were going to leave today, but it was pouring down rain and I plan to shoot the 4x5 camera along the "going-to-the-sun" road.  The views will be better tomorrow and setting up a 4x5 will be easier without the rain...Wise has taken control of the Facebook page.  We're using the whole day to convert and upload videos, as well as upload photos whiling enjoying the company of Jack Daniel's.  The following posts will be a random assortment of images...

---thanks for checking us out,
Jonathan JLEEP Pierce 

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