Saturday, September 11, 2010

in culbertson, mt.

sitting here trying to play catch up again on vids and photos....long day today....campsite expected didn't work out so in another bad motel...last time posted was right before glacier park....friday morning we left for glacier park and the weather was so-so, but we had to go because of time constraints...amazingly photogenic is the only way to describe it...was able to shoot off 4 4x5 photos close to the top of logan's pass (6800 ft?)...but at the top it was raining and hailing, so we couldn't get off the bike.  if we had it we couldn,t see anything anyways.  speaking of not being able to see anything, as we were waiting to descend in the hail (they were repairing roads and we had to follow a pilot vehicle) i went to adjust my glasses under my goggles and broke the plastic wire that holds my left lense to the i had to get us down with one eye, and if you knowme you know i can't read the tattoo on my right wrist at arm's length...(it says jujojujo, my kids, jonas and julien) towards the bottom of the park i managed to duct-tape the lense'll se photos soon....ridiculous.  after we left the park we bombed out of the rockies to get to tiber dam, mt so we could the way ms. laru (my ural) did fine up the pass, slow but fine...she didn't like the thin air and wouldn't idle well, but overall we're still that's a good thing.  back to last night at the campsite at tiber dam.....AMAZING (by the way, by time i get to blog, i've been riding all day and beat up so i'm using that as my excuse for lack of variety in my adjective selection and any other grammatical screw-ups)...we got there around 6:30 (on of 250 miles or so) with hotdogs and half-rack of schmidts...beautifully trashy all of the way...can't find hamms anywhere but found schmidts in montana for crying out loud....wise and i are cheap beer shot-gunners but do appreciate the "good" beer too.  we relaxed and shot a couple drunken star-trail photos...up at 7:00 and on the road today until now (total of 325 mile or so) just had dinner at the stagecoach roadhouse or something...tried to buy their little american flag to put on the back of the bike...but to no avail....can you believe it's been impossible to find an american flag or jolly roger to put on the bike?  anyways going to try and put up some photos and videos now

good night



  1. Hey your writing - sounds just like you! Hope the glasses get fixed permanently. xoxo

  2. Nothing from you for three days...everything okay?